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How to Create Content that Builds Customer Loyalty

Your Followers list is taking a hit, people are unsubscribing to from your email list or maybe even your YouTube Channel, and the bottom line is you're trying to figure out different ways to stop this madness.

So what's wrong?

If you’re like many other Businesses, then you realized that retaining old customers and followers is just as important as the actual acquisition of new customers and followers. If you want to be in business for a long time, you need to figure out ways to make your customers, followers, and audience to be  part of something bigger and feel like they are part of your family. 

Your Content needs to:

1. Increase Customer Loyalty

2. Increase Positive Reviews and Referrals

And along with both of these things you also need to hit certain themes such as:

  • Entertainment 
  • Educational
  • Inspirational

Doing these things allow you to keep the same followers whilst gaining new followers, who all end up becoming raving fans… well not all but we can get to that in a bit.

So to help you out on this Journey, I have compiled several different pieces of content that Builds customer loyalty and customer retention.

State your Opinion

What stressful issue is going on in the world that makes people pick sides? What side are you going to pick as a Brand?

This will create a deeper connection to your true fans that love your brand and share the same ideas.

Taking a stance on issues like:

  1. Gender Equality
  2. Climate Change
  3. Immigration Policies
  4. War
  5. Gay Rights

And there are many more issues that your brand can take a stance on. The key to this piece of content is being completely and utterly truthful and staying true to your beliefs. The worst thing you want is your brand being ousted by the public for being hypocritical in your ideals.

Nike's 2018 'Just Do It' Campaign

One great example of a Business taking a polarized side is Nike.

Colin Kaepernick NIke Ad

Nike's 30th 'Just Do It' Anniversary Campaign

Colin Kaepernick, if you don't know already, is an American football quarterback known for his political activism regarding systematic racism against African-Americans; in his protest he refused to stand for the National Anthem.

This polarizing issue is something that holds dear to many Americans, so when Nike unveiled their 30th Anniversary 'Just Do It' Ad campaign which starred Colin, they had extreme backlash.

But with the backlash, came something great.

The people who were unaware of this issue became aware, it started to change the minds of many Americans, and people who already loved Nike loved them even more.

Content that Inspires

Share emotional photos, graphics, videos and blogs that your customers or audience will attach feeling to. This can be anything from a motivational video, to a blog post that gives 5 Reasons Why You need to keep pushing.

Some people lack the motivation or inspiration that can be present in others.

Your goal is to show them:

  • What is possible
  • Why they need to pursue it
  • How to pursue it.

Here’s an example of a great piece of inspirational content.

We also wrote a blog about Challenging yourself, it's a great read for anyone who needs that extra push to get through their day and to start something incredible for themselves.

Behind the scenes

If you are trying to convey a human side to your business and create more connectivity with you and your customers then this content idea is perfect for your business.

Create content like:

  • Videos of the atmosphere of your company
  • Company photos 
  • Employee stories
  • Blooper reels
  • Processes
  • Workflow

If you are a Construction Company, show a timelapse of your Construction Workers building, or share a video of a Company BBQ where people are laughing and having a great time.

And if  you’re a Software Company, put a face to your customer service rep or your software engineers. Show the human side of your Business, because behind every position is a person.

Think of "The Office" just not as hectic 🙂

Adobe Life

One amazing Brand that has done great in this area is Adobe.

They decided to showcase what it's like to work at Adobe calling the community Adobe Life and having a Branded Hashtag specifically for it #adobelife

This type of content works great for anyone who is :

  • looking at becoming part of your team
  • looking to buy from your company now
  • interested in your industry

Celebratory Content

Do you have a loyal Customer that has been buying form you for several years now? Or maybe even months?

If so you can send personalized emails to them during the Holidays and their Birthday, or send them an exclusive discount.

What you really need to focus on is making the piece of content Tailored to that person. You might find it more personal sending a letter in the mail, or giving a Luxurious pen to your highest paying customer... get creative!

ClickFunnels and their Reward System

ClickFunnels, a software company that helps Businesses create Sales pages in under 5 five minutes, created their Signature 1 Comma Club and 2 Comma Club which celebrates their customers’ wins.

If you made over $1,000 using ClickFunnels then you’re automatically part of the 1 Comma Club, if you made over $1,000,000 then you’re part of the 2 Comma Club.

Making your customers the hero in the Sales Journey makes them want to buy more often and want to become closer to your business as a whole.

Here's a list of celebratory content ideas.

  1. Emails sent to customers thanking them on purchase
  2. Emails sent to Customers on birthdays 
  3. Social Posts thanking your customers
  4. Social Posts about Holidays
  5. Video about a giveaway
  6. Rewards system for your customer
  7. direct mail

Show your mistakes

We've seen this too many times; a company not being truthful and transparent about their practices and it backfiring on them as soon as the public finds out.

So what is the alternative to this?

Allow your customers to feel your pain when you fail, don't try to hide the fact that you messed up because it can and will bite your company in the butt later on.

The best way to do this is be straight up and honest about mistakes that went on in your company instead of deflecting the blame to a 3rd party.

When you Deflect while you apologize, the apology seems inauthentic, which pushes some of your customers away from your brand.

When there are allegations roaming around on the web about your Brand or members of your Company, you need to address these issues and make the truth known ASAP.

The more time that is left in between  the conflict and your Business addressing it, the worse you look.

The Buffer Salary Spreadsheet

A great example of Transparency is Buffer, a Social Media Scheduling Company. Back in 2015, as part of their Initiative to default to Transparency, they published a Spreadsheet of the Salaries of all Buffer employees.

As well as posting its salaries, they also revealed how Buffer comes up with employee salaries. Revealing these promotes Company values that are not often kept, it shows trust and dedication to its customers and Stakeholders and ultimately keeps their customer retention rate high.

This Content idea can go hand in hand with going behind the scenes, showing off your processes especially in the food industry, ethics in the workplace, how hard you work your employees and so on.

What to expect

The Outcome of Creating Content that Builds Customer Loyalty is astounding:

  1. More followers
  2. Less of a customer dropout
  3. More people that root for you
  4. people that are happy to sponsor your products
  5. Increased social shares
  6. More engagement
  7. More revenue
  8. Less customers switch over to your competition
  9. Your business grows larger
  10. Creating a cult-like following.
  11. Increase the lifetime value of customers

The reasons are endless. All you need to do now is create.