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Customer Service before Customers become Unreasonable

Customer Service before Customers become Unreasonable

Communication is key, but we already knew that right?

In business & especially with customers,

Communication is Law.

As we know, the customer is always right, but doesn’t mean you must give in to every unreasonable request.

You’re responsible to service them in every possible way you can, and then negotiate the rest.

It’s not common for customers to become very unreasonable, if this occurs then in most cases there has been some miscommunication or something hasn’t been communicated at all.

These are the things to remember:

  • Always set expectations.
  • Give all important information upfront.
  • State your intention.
  • Ask questions & Listen.
  • Identify their want / need (Their Dominant Buying Motive. DBM).

This is a must.

Communicate everything to your customers, your intention, your service, your expertise, your passion to help them achieve their desired outcome.

You must also draw communication from your customers; why are they searching right now, what problem are they currently facing, what have they done previously, what do they want to achieve, what is their desired outcome.

Doing these things will align conversations with your customers in a productive way that helps them find the solution to the problem they’re facing, all with your help.

The goal is to help your customers in such a way that they will praise you for the help you gave them.

Let us know which one of these areas speaks to you the most in the comments below.