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Why Branding Matters and How you can Brand your Business

So you’re a Small Business Owner or an Entrepreneur and you’re wondering Why Branding a Business Matters and how you can Start Branding?

In this article I'm going to teach you Why Branding Matters how to begin Branding your Business.

As a Social Media Manager I do a lot of researching trying to hone my Marketing skills and really sharpen my craft.

As a result of my searching I found the answer to both of these questions and Branding your Business ultimately starts off with what separates you and your competition.

It’s really the focal reason why anyone will be willing to spend money with your Business.

We’ll get more in detail on this later on.

Let’s start off with what is Branding


In a Nutshell


Branding is distinctive design of a company which entails their beliefs, messaging, logo, graphics and everything else in between.

When you hear Coca-Cola what is the first thing that pops in your head?

Is it the Coca-Cola Logo itself or is it the Red and white can with the water droplets dripping off the side as it’s freshly coming out of a cooler on a summer’s day?

Did you feel Joy?

Believe it or not that is all Branding, and of course a little bit of advertising.

When should you Begin Branding

You need to start Branding immediately, either before you begin your business or if you already opened the doors then you need to start it right after reading this Article.

Branding is the foundation to your business and comes before Content Creation (which is also part of your Branding) and your Advertising but we’ll go more into depth in a bit.

How do you define your own Brand?

Defining your Brand can be seen as a daunting task but it should never be that hard. So to help you out I’ve identified and created our very own 10 Laws of Branding below.

Your Brand:

1. Must have and understand your Goals & Values.

2. Must identify what your Brands character will be.

3. Must determine the voice, tone & personality your Brand will have and use.

4. Must determine the feelings you want consumers to experience when they use your product / service.

5. Must determine what activities or lifestyle you want your Brand to associate with.

6. Must Identify your ideal customer that you see using your product / service.

7. Must have a clear, distinct and comprehensible logo design.

8. Must have a concise and consumable Brand Mission. Preferably converted down to a tagline that can be remembered and repeated frequently.

9. Must have clear and consistent messaging.

10. Must have Colors that are clearly associated with your Brand, (Color Palette) and use these and only these consistently throughout all of your Branding, Marketing & Advertising.

Logo Tips

When designing a logo there are somethings you should keep in mind

Research, research, research.

You should research the crap out of your audience and find the things that you can include into your logo.

Simplicity does wonders for business, so don’t stress yourself on making the most elaborate logo ever.

Keep all of your past sketches, these are really important and will come in handy the day that you decide to go through them because they will reignite something you first thought of long ago and you’ll find yourself reworking past ideas and designs back into your logo.

Brand Consistency

When you have not only an amazing Brand but also stay consistent with it you’re going to have quite a bit of benefits.

Calendar with days marked off.

Let’s dive into amazing Branding

Amazing Branding happens when:

•Your audience attaches a feeling to your Brand

•Your messaging follows your Brand’s voice

•Your Mission shows your potential customers what your Brand is like

(Just make sure it isn’t too long)

Let’s see what happens when consistency is key to your Brand

•Your audience isn’t confused with your messaging

•People associate certain traits to your Brand

(Outdoors, Change, Sports, etc.)

•Customers can always trust a Company that is Consistent to their Branding

Which will show your customers that your company knows what they believe in and stays true to it.

Branding is Senior to Advertising.

“If you really want your advertising to work then you spend more time, energy and efforts on branding.”  -Grant Cardone 

This is perfect advice and especially for newer companies that haven’t been in the game for that long.

Think of Branding and advertising like a house, your foundation which keeps you grounded is Branding, the walls are your content and the roof is your advertising.

You shouldn’t be advertising if there isn’t any branding or content that your customers can engage with. It is possible to advertise before you brand but you won’t get a high conversion if you don’t have any type of content developed for your audience to consume and gain trust in your brand after they see your ad.

If they do ever buy it will be extremely rare for them to ever buy again because there is no relationship.

Why Branding Matters

Although your Branding differs from your competition the reasons as why you should be Branding your Business doesn’t change.

As a Business, you want a strong relationship with your customer. So, when you correctly Brand. . .

. . .you ultimately form a stronger bond with your customer.

With correctly Branding your Business you also attract people that will want to work for your company and that align with your Brand. These people end up becoming full-blown advocates for your Brand and will spread your Brand’s beliefs by word-of-mouth which will then bring in more customers.

Along with strengthening your customer’s relationship and making your employees advocates, Branding reinforces Marketing and Advertising.

Your Brand allows for Leads (who were brought to your store or website by advertising & marketing) to align their beliefs with your company. This essentially makes this easier for leads to buy and become frequently buying customers.

And finally,

Close the gap between Sales and Marketing.

Two people shaking hands, text says "Combine Sales and Marketing"

The war between sales and marketing could now become closed due to great Branding.

Hope this really gives you a better understanding about Branding your Business, how to do it & how it benefits your Business efforts.

Use our last article, “Design a Homepage that Grabs Attention.” with this post here and you will be set to leap over your competitors and to gain more awareness, support and sales in your community and industry.

If you have any questions or want us to expand on this topic, let us know in the comments below.

So, why does Branding matter to you or your Business?