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Your Social Home Page

Your Profile is Your Social Home Page

Your profile is your Social Home Page and now a days it is the first thing your customers interact with and see when they meet you and are introduced to your Brand.

These are the things to make sure you address when designing & updating your Social Profiles & Pages:

  1. Use your Logo as your Profile Image (unless you’re a personal brand, then use your face 🙂
  2. Use your business name as your User name and/or Page name.
  3. Fill out your entire profile.
  4. Place your tagline at the top of your profile. (etc; in the bio section on Instagram.)
  5. Use all features that are available on the platform. (the platforms like it more & see you as more relevant if you are using all of their features.)
  6. Be sure that you are congruent in your Branding, from your website to your social profiles, meaning; use the same messaging, colors, fonts, imaging style. Doesn’t have to be exactly the same, (it’s actually better to tailor content to each platform), but you must have the same feel across all of your platforms.
  7. Be Consistent. Your customers & prospects are looking to build and keep relationships, meaning; they want you to stay in touch, educate them, keep them in the loop & be entertained by you every once in a while.
  8. Use great images. Not all images you use have to be high quality but definitely have a good mix of behind the scenes and images that really make you, your business, your products or the experience customers can receive, shine.

These are the main areas to focus on when you are designing & updating your profiles so they reflect your Branding and to ensure you’re congruent across all platforms.